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Eye Rejuvenation Laser

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Eye Rejuvenation Laser

The eye area is often where tell-tale signs of ageing first appear. Sometimes, these signs of ageing can be worsened by a lack of care, causing us to appear older than we really are. Dr Ng uses a personalized non-invasive laser treatment to help counteract the effects of ageing around the eyes.

Common age-related changes in the eye area include:

  1. Dark eye circles
  2. Skin laxity in the eyelids
  3. Fine wrinkles in the undereye area
  4. Eyebags

Reasons for patients to undergo eye rejuvenation:

  1. Kickstart collagen and elastin production
  2. Strengthen ligaments around the eye
  3. Target dark eye circles, skin laxity and eyebags
  4. Plump undereye area
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Minimal downtime

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20-30 minute procedure

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Individualized, non-ablative treatment

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