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Fotona Laser 4D Lifting

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Fotona 4D Lifting

Using Fotona 4D Lifting, Dr Ng uses a combination of 4 different lasers to target multiple levels of the skin for deep rejuvenation and anti-ageing. Fotona Laser can work on multiple levels of the skin, from superficial layers to deep layers for a complete face lifting result.

Steps in Fotona 4D Lifting:

  1. SmoothLiftin ™
  2. FRAC3 ®
  3. PIANO ®
  4. SupErficial ™

Benefits of Fotona 4D Lifting include:

  1. Minimal discomfort
  2. No numbing required
  3. Aids in collagen production
  4. Able to improve superficial skin conditions
  5. Precise targeting
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Zero downtime

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20-30 minute session

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Can be combined with other therapies

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