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Lip Plumping Laser

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Lip Plumping Laser

When compared to traditional injectable fillers, the lip plumping laser provides an immediate effect that is noticeable after the treatment. With the LipLase™ treatment, collagen production in the lip is stimulated for a natural effect.

Concerns that are commonly addressed:

  1. Subobtimal lip volume
  2. Poorly defined lip borders
  3. Wrinkles and lines on lips and around lip area
  4. Hydration and glow of lips
  5. Dull or greyish lip colour

Benefits of the LipLase™ laser include:

  1. Fuller, smoother lips
  2. Non-invasive treatment with no injections
  3. Stimulates collagen remodeling and synthesis
  4. Immediate, visible effect on lip volume
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Zero downtime

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Safe and affordable

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15-20 minutes session

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