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Pico Laser

What Is Pico Laser?

Pico Laser is a safe and effective treatment for pigmentary skin concerns, including acne scars, sun spots, freckles, and unwanted tattoo ink. It is an effective laser treatment for skin rejuvenation, delivering clearer and more radiant skin.

Pico laser treatment is an established form of pigmentation removal in Singapore. The word “Pico” stands for picosecond which means one trillionth of a second. This non-invasive aesthetic treatment uses high-frequency laser technology in which the laser is released within a very short pulse duration—in picoseconds. It delivers noticeable results across many different areas of the face and body.

How Does Pico Laser Treatment Work?

It essentially works by sending laser beams with ultrashort pulse durations to the targeted areas of the skin. With its ultra-short pulse duration, the Pico laser allows each shot to provide more energy and more shots to be fired per second. It treats a variety of pigmentation issues by targeting melanin pigments at various levels of the skin. Although the laser's energy pulses are highly concentrated, their effect does not damage the outer layer of the skin, and is usually well-tolerated by patients.

The precision of Pico laser technology allows for greater photoacoustic energy utilisation in order to achieve optimal photomechanical effect. This is the process through which pigments are mechanically broken down by laser technology. Pico laser shatters the pigments into tiny fragments, so they can be easily eliminated by the body. As the pigments are broken down into much smaller fragments, they can be cleared easier and quicker in fewer sessions. The body's lymphatic systems progressively remove the sediment during the ensuing weeks and months after the laser beams have broken down the pigments.

Aside from removing unwanted pigments, the Pico laser can help increase the production of collagen, which enhances the elasticity and density of the skin for a clearer, more radiant look.

What Conditions Can Pico Laser treat?

  1. Pigmentation treatment

    – Pico laser treatment can help one achieve a more even-toned skin. It quickly penetrates the skin to treat targeted areas so the body can flush out the pigments easily.
  2. Tattoo removal

    – With relatively fast-acting results, the Pico laser is generally known as a safe and effective tattoo removal treatment.
  3. Acne scar treatment

    – Pico laser treatment breaks apart the scar tissue to regain clearer skin.
  4. Melasma treatment

    – The Pico laser is able to treat melasma, a skin condition characterised by brown or greyish patches and spots on the face.
  5. Sunspot treatment

    – With the Pico laser, the pigment particles responsible for sunspots can be destroyed.
  6. Hori’s Nevus treatment

    – Pico laser can improve Hori’s Nevus condition or a pigmented skin lesion by breaking up abnormal clusters of pigments.
  7. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatment

    – Pico laser is commonly used to treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

What are the main features of Pico Laser?

  1. Well-tolerated

    – Patients generally find this laser treatment, performed at a licensed aesthetic clinic in Singapore, to be very manageable.
  2. Short sessions of only 15-20 minutes

    – Pico laser treatment are relatively quick. Each session typically lasts for only 15 minutes or so, depending on the size of the area to be treated.
  3. Visible results

    – Pico lasers have been shown to provide noticeable results after a few sessions.
What is the Duration of the Pico Laser Treatment? Is There Any Downtime?

Pico laser treatments in Singapore are relatively fast, taking about 15-30 minutes per session. While some may experience mild redness following the procedure, it usually subsides within a few hours and one can usually go about their daily life right after the procedure.

How Long Will the Effects of Pico Treatment Last?

Most pigmentations do not return after removal, but it is important to take good care of your skin for more lasting results. Regular maintenance treatments may be recommended as well.

How Many Pico Laser Sessions Are Needed?

A series of 3-5 sessions is often recommended for most pigmentation cases. However, the exact number of sessions required depends on the severity of the condition.

What To Expect During Pico Laser Procedure?

During the Pico laser treatment, your doctor uses a specialised handpiece machine to send ultra-short pulses of energy to the targeted areas of the skin. Some patients may experience mild prickling sensations, but this is usually very tolerable.

Who is suitable for Pico laser?

Pico laser is generally suitable for all skin types and is recommended for people with skin issues such as melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and wrinkles. This treatment is also effective for removing unwanted tattoos. However, Pico laser treatment may not be advisable for those who are pregnant, nursing, or have recently had any surgery on their face or eyes.

Is Pico Laser a safe treatment?

Yes, the Pico laser is a safe treatment. Compared to Q-switched lasers, for example, Pico Lasers have shorter pulse durations, allowing them to produce effects that are more photo-mechanical than photo-thermal in nature, thereby reducing the risk of burns, blisters, and hyper- or hypopigmentation.

How Effective is Pico Laser?

Pico lasers can break down pigments into smaller fragments and at deeper levels than traditional laser procedures; resulting in faster recovery and fewer treatment sessions for most patients.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Patients may experience mild redness, micro bruises, mild prickling sensation, and slightly drier skin immediately following the treatment. With proper aftercare, these should subside soon.

Dr Ng Hong Yi is an experienced aesthetic doctor who uses only evidence-based treatments to deliver desired results. For enquiries and appointments, feel free to call us at 6235 7358.

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