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Total Global Eye & Face Lift

The TGIF Lift stands for Total Global Eye & Face Lift. Using a combination of lasers, it provides skin rejuvenation, tightening and lifting throughout the face. This is a complete treatment technique that covers the forehead and eyebrows, to the eyelids and undereye area as well as the cheek and jawline area.

Steps in TGIF Lift:

  1. SmoothLiftin ™
  2. FRAC3 ®
  3. PIANO ®
  4. SupErficial ™
  5. AscensionLift

AscensionLift is uniquely developed by Dr Ng to provide a complete lifting effect by lifting the upper eye and eyebrow.

Benefits of TGIF Lift compared to conventional treatments:

  1. More tolerable pain levels
  2. Greater, more visible skin improvements
  3. Increased levels of precision
  4. Able to be used on sensitive areas like eye and forehead
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Holistic, full face solution for anti-ageing

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Boost collagen levels and tighten loose skin

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45 minutes to 1 hour treatment

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