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Zion Signature Aqua Facial

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Zion Signature Aqua Facial

The Zion Signature Aqua Facial is an effective way to improve and rejuvenate facial skin. Using specially formulated solutions, deep cleansing, hydration and whitening are achieved to create clearer and brighter skin.

The Zion Signature Aqua Facial includes:

  1. Thorough skin cleansing
  2. Deep cleansing of pores
  3. Removal of dirt and impurities
  4. Hyaluronic acid infusion
  5. Skin soothing and hydration

Features of Zion Signature Aqua Facial:

  1. Clearer and brighter skin
  2. No discomfort or downtime
  3. Remove dead cells, excess oil, dirt and comedones
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Holistic approach to facial skin care

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Zion Aesthetic Clinic

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